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A very successful agent, Dave Warwick is one of the most trusted names in media representation and represents some of the UK’s best known local and network talented Presenters.

Dave has a long and proven pedigree in the media, dating back to the 70s when he launched a Warrington Country Rock Band called Poacher, who had international success and charted a record with a song called “Darlin” in the American Country Singles Chart. They were the only British Band to ever enter this chart .

In the 80s he found and co-managed the career of Rick Astley who became a worldwide pop sensation (www.rickastley.co.uk)

Dave’s clients range right across the media spectrum with many of them being experts in their own field, be it D.I.Y., Travel, Gardening, Science, Medical, Animals, Sport, Weather, Astronomy, Building and Architecture, Politics, Archaeology, Mechanical Engineering, Quiz Hosts, Music Composition, House Design, just to name a few .

May we invite you to make your way through the various pages of the website and if there is any more that you want to know then please contact us.

Thank you for your initial interest, it is most appreciated.
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